As comfort is the most important factor behind consumer’s choice of apparel fabric and cotton is the most used and appreciated textile material, SolucellAir is the way to improve cotton, change his image of classic and conventional fibre and turn it into functional and innovative by redesigning its yarn structure. 

Solucell is used to create a sophisticated 3-dimentional hollow channel system inside the cotton fabric, serving as a natural intelligent comfort monitor, which improves the performances of the garments and makes it more comfortable than ever.

SolucellAir garmens have the following properties:

Light Weight
More Comfort Better Look => SolucellAir products are light as the weight is reduced up to 20-30% compared to regular cotton products, but they keep the same bulkiness and look. The reduced weight compression improves the comfort of the garment.

Soft Touch
Long Lasting After Washing => SolucellAir products touch soft. The softness is achieved by mechanically reducing the structural the rigidity of the fabric, not by lack of twist, finishing or chemical treatments. The special yarn structure protects the softness washing after washing.

Moisture management
Absorbing More, Drying Faster => SolucellAir products are able to absorb more water and dry it quickly, to regulate the moisture during the physical activities and to perform better than other products in most situations. SolucellAir fabrics are quick-dry.

Performing in Every Weather Condition => SolucellAir products are able to regulate the temperature more efficiently and have improved thermal performances. SolucellAir garments can be warmer than a regular ones, but having a much lower weight. Warm or cold, SolucellAir garments remain comfortable all the time.

…most important SolucellAir fabrics are in pure natural cotton, now smart and functional

Check with us about the actual performance of SolucellAir fabrics and discover a new world of SolucellAir products based on different fibres and blends.

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