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The continuous research for soft, highly absorbent and durable towels finds his best expression in SolucellAir products.

The special hollow structure of SolucellAir brings enhanced characteristics to cotton towels in terms of performance and durability, making them the perfect products for both home and hospitality end uses.

SolucellAir home textile products have the following properties:

Light Weight
Bulky in look, light in weight => SolucellAir towels are light as the weight is much reduced compared to regular cotton products, but they keep the same bulkiness and look. SolucellAir towels are comfortable and cozy.

Soft Touch
Long Lasting After Washing => SolucellAir products touch softer and remain soft overtime even after repeated washings. The softness is achieved by mechanically reducing the structural the rigidity of the fabric, not by lack of twist, finishing or chemical treatments. The special yarn structure protects the softness washing after washing.

Moisture management
Absorbing More, Drying Faster => SolucellAir products are able to absorb more water and dry it quickly, performing better than other products. SolucellAir towels are perfect in every occasion.

SolucellAir: Soft and Dry as the First Day!

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