Solucell WarpKnit

Woven Fabrics are created with good dimensional htability, high strength, and well preserve the shape over time, however they tend to have an harsher touch, poor extensibility, and easily wrinkle.

On the contrary circular knit fabrics are gifted with soft touch and good stretchability, while they get easily deformed and they’re subjected to laddering.

Warp Knit fabrics are able to combine the strong point of wovens and knits having the advantage of:

  • Good Dimensional Stability
  • Soft Touch
  • Good Shape Preservation
  • Wrinkle Free
  • No Laddering problems
  • 360º Stretchability

The yarns used for warp knitting are very much limited to synthetic filament yarns, in fine counts, because of high requirements in tenacity, evenness and hairiness due to high speed knitting performance.
The use of spun yarns and natural fibers is minimal and the range of application is limited.

Solucell WarpKnit is a new technology able to run natural fibres in fine counts on a warp knitting machine, to create fabrics with a smart look and gifted with extra comfort.

Solucell WarpKnit products can well apply to fashion garments as well as uniforms and workwear

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