Solucell Zero-Twist

PVA Free - Sustainable Towels

Solucell is the filament yarn especially designed for towel manufacturers.
Considered among the most luxurious towels in the market due to their soft hand-feel and high water absorption, Zero-twist towels are available since long.
Unfortunately the production process for these towels requires high amounts of PVA based soluble materials, with risks for the environment and possible release of dangerous substances in the product itself.
Solucell is the ideal material to substitute PVA for the production of zero-twist towels because it is easily soluble, finer and greener, which means manufacturing the same product with less waste and better environmental influence.

Solucell not only facilitates a 100% PVA-free process, but through his specifically targeted design, Solucell improves all production aspects by leaving the same 100% cotton, soft and fluffy product which consumers love to buy:
• Available in fine counts, Solucell reduces the amount of soluble material used up to 55%
• Due to his special nature Solucell based yarns can be sized, improving the efficiency on the looms for higher productivity and less defects

• Solucell dissolving process can be handled in a wide range of conditions, including low temperature dissolving, and can be managed at bleaching stage, allowing water and energy savings and improved productivity• Solucell wastes are in non-sticky powder form, easy to handle in ETP, reducing the cost of maintenance of the machines
• The COD at discharge are reduced by up to 75% compared to PVA processes, plus, Solucell can be easily recovered and recycled aiming for circular economy and zero discharge
In terms of safety, the dissolving process of Solucell does not generate dangerous sub-products such as formaldehydes (typical instead of the PVA dissolving reaction), allowing Solucell zero-twist products to be Oekotex certifiable and safe.

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