Solucell is the material designed to meet the increasing demand for green and innovative products in the textile world.
Sustainability is the main focus of the research behind Solucell’s invention.
The initial concept behind Solucell was in fact to replace and improve polluting materials such as PVA, by creating an easily dissolvable material with enhanced characteristics and low impact on the environment.
Today Solucell is more than that. Solucell and its related technologies are in fact creating sustainable innovations, working with cotton and targeting natural products with green production processes.

To achieve this target Solucell was created in a way that its dissolving process is actually a degrading process, where the polymer is decomposed till its main molecular constituents.
The wastes generated are easily collectable and can be fully recycled.
As a responsible company we promote the idea of fully recycling Solucell wastes and close the circle by having a fully sustainable production, where the COD values at discharge could be minimal and all the wastes could be collected, purified and reintroduced in the market for new productions, including making new Solucell. Additional information about the recycling process are available, and full support is given to set it up and to handle the wastes.

Solucell is an Oeko-Tex certified product, usable in all kind of productions without harm.
Moreover, Solucell dissolving process does not generate dangerous (and forbidden) sub-products, such as formaldehydes, (typical instead of PVA based products), as it is a simple degradation process. This fact grants textile producers with fully safe home and apparel products which can be of 100% cotton without any risk of contaminations of chemical substances.

BYR also joins the US Cotton Trust Protocol to be able to offer products based on US cotton and granting quantifiable and clear sustainable practices.

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