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July 6th 2020

Getting hot? Here the perfect outfit for the summer season…or for any season… Supima SolucellAir t-shirts made with luxury cotton with added functions and increased comfort…
More new products are coming for the next season…Stay tuned and get the latest updates on our website and socials…

April 6th 2020

 The Coronavirus situation is hitting the entire world…
…at BYR we got first hit at China side, then now we’re in lockdown on EU side.
Fortunately we’re all well we are working from remote when necessary, while the production of Solucell and related yarns is fully operative in Asia after a forced stop of 2 months.
As most of our customers and partners are also in lockdown in their own countries, we’re taking this time to work on more ideas and opporutnties to offer at reopening, with the aim to focus on the future more than on the unlucky present.
Let’s hope this virus will be able to disappear soon…

February 28th 2020

BYR International announces his participation to the next edition of Performance Days in Munich during April 22nd-23rd.
Performance Days is a special exhibition dedicated to Performance in textiles. Companies from around the globe will showcase the latest developments in performance fibres, yarns and fabrics to an audience looking for innovation and new ideas.
We’ll display new fabrics using SolucellAir technology, to achieve performance in pure natural cotton and will also present our latest developments in warpknitting apparel fabrics, targeting increased comfort and a smart use of natural fibres.
BYR booth mumber will be D21.

January 20th 2020

BYR International announces his participation to the next edition of Premiere Vision in Paris on February 11-13 2020.
Premiere Vision is the European leading exhibition dedicated to apparel fabrics, yarns and accessories, showing the latest dendencies and showcasing the best collections made by international mills.
BYR will exhibit in the Yarns section dedicated to new technologies and innovation in Hall 6D52.
Everyone is invited to meet with us discover more about SolucellAir and the latest developments in apparel fabrics, targeting increased comfort and a smart use of natural fibres.

October 30th 2019

The Italian magazine “Il Venerdì”, a special publication linked to La Repubblica, one of the most important newspapers in Italy, dedicated an article to the succesful cooperations between Italy and China in this new Silk Road era.
Among the cited successful experiences also BYR case and the efforts of its partners to provide innovation for the textle industry through Solucell and SolucellAir technology.

April 25th 2019

BYR teamed up with with XinJie Weaving to realize a collection of SolucellAir towels and bathrobes to target the hospitality industry and present it in occasion of the last exhibition dedicated to hotels and hospitality in Shanghai.

SolucellAir towels are super soft, light, highly absorbent and quick dry, performing better than any other regular cotton towel.

In addition they help to save water and energy during washing due to their special hollow structure.

We hope to see more hotels running qulity towels by giving extra performance and luxury to their customers…

April 10th 2019

Levi’s just launched their new performance denim collection, powered by SolucellAir.

The all seasons tech jeans are made with SolucellAir functional cotton enabling the fabric to regulate temperature and moisture and making them comfortable in every climatic conditions.

These new jeans can be used in summer as well as in winter keeping maximum comfort and performance in natural cotton like no other jeans can do.

Different models and styles are available…check them out!



March 17th 2019

On March 28th 2019 BYR International team will be again in Beijing for the China Fashion Week.

This year BYR will be partnering with Cotton USA and with the famous  designer Liu Wei to present a workwear collection made by US cotton and powered by SolucellAir and TryCo technologies.

Workwear and uniforms are a natural field of application for SolucellAir.
The target of the technology is to increase the comfort of garments through enhanced functionality applied to natural fibres, and workers will be able to benefit of all these features through a new collection of targeted garments.

Save the date and follow us!


March 10th 2019

The BYR team will attend the new edition of Intertextile Shanghai from 12th till March 14th.

Solucell Zero-Twist and SolucellAir towels will be displayed at the Cotton USA booth in hall 5.2 – D21

Come to meet with us and discover more about Solucell for both home and apparel textiles!

March 4th 2019

The Website is back online!
After some necessary maintanance and the migration to a new platform we’re back online…

in the coming days some bugs might be still there…we apologize for the inconvenience and we’re working to improve the experience and to be able to update this site more often with all news…

Enjoy browsing and learn more about the Solucell world!

February 12-14 2019

The BYR team joined the winter edition of Premiere Vision in Paris.

This edition we presented a newly made flat knit garment made by US cotton with SolucellAir technology, realized by Lita (Lawsgroup).

The sweater was well paired with SolucellAir jeans by Advance Denim completing the outfit and creating a smart combination.

SolucellAir sweaters target extra comfort and performance to extend the life of cotton garments, making them the best choice not only during mid seasons, but also during winter due to the improved thermal performance granted by SolucellAir.

SolucellAir cotton garments can in fact reach similar CLO values compared to 100% wool garments keeping low weight, soft touch and extreme comfort in every occasion!

January 8-11 2019

The BYR team joined the new edition of Heimtextil held in Frankfurt at the beginning of January.

This year we displayed different towels made by US cotton and either realized by SolucellAir technology, or being Solucell Zero-Twist prodcuts.

The main topic this year was about sustainability.
On one side we explained how to reduce the pollution by using Solucell in place of PVA for the prodcution of zero-twist towels, on the other side we could present our newly realized water treatment system, able to recover all Solucell wastes and enabling a fully sustainable prodcution targeting the circular economy.

We’ll be back with more news about this new system in the coming weeks…

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